Splash photo of HKU
Conference on Parsimony and Learning (CPAL)
January 2024, HKU

Code of Conduct

(Adapted from ICML/ICLR/NeurIPS/LoG)

We strive to hold a conference in which any person can meaningfully participate in the CPAL community through: sharing ideas, presenting their work, meeting members of the community, learning from other people’s work, and discussing ways to improve the community.

This conference will work towards preventing any type of discrimination based on age, disability, ethnicity, experience in the field, gender identity, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics. We strictly prohibit any actions that may prevent the participation of any attendee, including: bullying, harassment, inappropriate media, offensive language, violence, zoom bombing, and so on.

Please report any violations of the code of conduct to the conference organizers, via email, slack, or any other channels. If requested, we can handle these reports anonymously, to protect the person making the report. Violators of the code of conduct will be asked to stop their inappropriate behavior, and may be removed from their right to participate in the conference. Further disciplinary action such as bans from future iterations of the conference may be taken.